Hike & learn how to make Μουσταλευρία (moustalevria)

/ September 22, 2016

Autumn time is here! Welcoming us with ripe grapes and a fresh breeze. 🙂

On Sunday, 25th of September, we will make a moderate morning walk through the hills, forests and vineyards in the mountainous region of Zakynthos. Passing the monastery Yperagathos our circular hike will bring us back to the starting point in the picturesque village Loucha, next to the church.

After our walk we meet around 12:00 in Kiliomenos at the Melissiotises (Women´s Agricultural Cooperative of Kiliomenos) and can learn there how to make the Moustalevria – a traditional speciality made of …grapejuice and…? Oooh, it´s a secret! We will see it there! 😉
And ofc we will eat what we cooked together, just as well as some samples from the homemade products of the Melissiotises!

And one more extra:
After hiking, cooking and tasting you can go to Ampelostrates to learn about tsipouro and listen to live music from Crete

Wow, full program..!

moderate walk, around 3 hours, 6km
Meeting point: 8:15 at the church in Loucha – for the walk
12:00 at Melissiotises for workshop and tasting
walk – 15 €
workshop with tasting – 5€